About The C3 Jersey

Introducing the C3 Jersey. Across the nation, every week millions of sports fans get together to celebrate and cheer on their favorite teams. Whether in a stadium, at a tailgate party, at a local gathering place or at home, cheering on our teams is a loud, proud and visible tradition. The C3 Jersey allows fans to show their love for their favorite team. Made of weather and element resistant fabric, the C3 Jersey is designed to look like a sports jersey. Easy to put on. Easy to take off. The C3 Jersey comes in a variety of sizes fitting most cars, trucks and SUVs The C3 Jersey can also be customized to represent your company, organization or team.

The C3 Jersey allows sports fanatics to go further in showing their love for their team, by “repping” what they like. Join the team! Visit the rest of our website or Call us today to learn more about the C3 Jersey or to order the C3 Jersey.

About Creative Car Coats

Creative Car Coats, Inc. is a minority owned corporation based in Tampa, Florida. Creative Car Coats, Inc. manufactures and distributes the C3 Jersey, as well as produces customized C3 Jersey’s for teams and companies. Creative Car Coats holds licenses with various colleges, sororities, fraternities, and companies.

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